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Hi, I’m Rajib Das, the chief editor, and author of https://oxigen.org.in/.  And do reviews on Electric Vehicles. I graduated in Automobile Engineering from Jadavpur University, West Bengal, India.

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Pradip Hazra

Pradip Hazra is also an author and different information collector for presenting researched and factual information on Electric vehicles. He contributes to this website very effectively.


We are aware of our nature and environment. In 2019, before the staring of Covid 19 pandemic in India, an exhibition was held by our University. One of my friends has shown his project on Electrical vehicles. It was mindblowing and gave us new thinking. If we can leave gasoline for personal and commercial use and welcome electrical vehicles, may we will able to save our future and the next generations. Because It doesn’t produce dangerous gasses and is also cost-effective to maintain. I started studying on many online platforms about electric vehicles.


But, We have seen that it has many difficulties and limitations in India. Because there are not enough charging stations, the qualities of the vehicles are inferior compared to gasoline.

However, it is improving day by day. And. We don’t need too much time to overcome the limitations because some automobile giants have entered the electrical vehicle sections.

The government and many organizations encourage them, and people choose this vehicle. So, it is clear that a revolution is becoming around the country.

Now, Our journey began with https://oxigen.org.in/

We provided information on

  • E-bike
  • E-cycles
  • E-car

We will win, and our environment will also win.

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