Avon E-plus E-cycle that give 50km per charge

E-cycles upgrade traditional bicycles. Not only that even many bikers are moving from gasoline bikes to e-cycle just for petrol price hiking. Avon E-plus is one of the latest e-cycle, with some outstanding features. Here, we will provide brief details about the specifications of this electric vehicle. If you are planning to buy any e-cycles or want the latest updates, this article may help you.

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Avon E-plus Spesifications

Avon is one of the best bicycle manufacturers in India. They are well known for manufacturing heavy bicycles. Now, they moved to the electric bike for the public’s demand. Recently they launched the Avon E-plus at a low price but providing high value compared to other manufacturers.

Battery Information

The most beautiful part of this vechile is the service of the battery. It gives the milage almost double compared to other e-cycle. By fully charging the battery, you could ride about fifty km. At the same time, others are promising only 20-30 km per charge.

Charging Time: The time of charging is a bit longer. It takes 5 to 8 hours. However, it depends on many factors.

Battery Type: A lithium-ion battery has been integrated into this Avon E-plus e-cycle.

Charging Capacities: 12 Ah battery has been provided that has 48volt charging.

Hardware specification

You must wonder if you look at the hardware implemented in this e-cycle. Its motors, metals and hardness and flexibility are all done very well.

Motor: In the Avon E-plus recycle, the BLDC motor has been used to build the vechile. And it has 220 w power.

Brake type: Drum brake used in front and back both.

Light: There are two types of lights also used. You will see halogen on the front and the bulb on the back and signal sides.

Bad and Good on Avon e-Plus

The Avon e-cyle is not looking like a bicycle. It looks like a scooter, and the design wonders you. And the more shocking thing is its price.

You will find huge gaps if you compare it with one of the popular e-cycle Hero Lectro. The price of Hero Lectro f1 is more than 32 thousand INR which looks like a normal bicycle, and the mileage is about 25 km per charge. But I Avon e-plus, the price is under 25thousands INR and giving the mileage double.


The limited numbers of electric bicycles are in the market. And the feature and body structures change day by day. In this scenario, this electric cycle is among the best in the market in price and look because you can enjoy the feeling of scoter on the price of an e-cyle. We hope you have enjoyed this information provided by an Electric Vehicle review expert in India.

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