The Odysse Evoqis Electric Motorcycle

Odysse Evoqis ebike

The Odysse Evoqis is a new electric motorcycle designed for comfortable riding with cheap maintenance and fuel costs. Even its price is not so high as compared to gasoline. It can be owned for 2 lacks INR. The Evoque boasts a powerful motor that generates 3000 W of power, allowing it to speed up from … Read more

Ultraviolette F77 Looking like Sporty Giant E-bike

Are you looking for any sporty e-bike in India? You would find so many battery bikes but not like Ultraviolette F77. Because its looks like a giant. It’s one of the most advanced levels of e-bike compared to other Electric motorcycles in India. However, very few brands and vehicles are available in the market because … Read more

Tork Kratos Speedy and Long Mileage e-Bike

Tork Kratos Speedy and Long Mileage e-Bike

Whenever you think about an e-bike that can give you long mileage and facility with high speed, some of the current 1e-bike will come to your mind, but Tork Kratos will take up extra space just because of its sporty looking. Please note that Tork Motors nearly went to the news a decade ago for … Read more