Toutche Electric Heileo M100 E-cycle Specifications

outche Electric Heileo M100

Toutche Electric Heileo E-cycle is a highly valued vehicle in its category because it gives you a massive mileage per charge. And also a heavy but looks tiny cycle that gives you good feelings. In this article, the EV Expert will discuss with you the full specifications, structure, using materials, and facilities. We will also … Read more

Avon E-plus E-cycle that give 50km per charge

avon e plus e-cycle reviews

E-cycles upgrade traditional bicycles. Not only that even many bikers are moving from gasoline bikes to e-cycle just for petrol price hiking. Avon E-plus is one of the latest e-cycle, with some outstanding features. Here, we will provide brief details about the specifications of this electric vehicle. If you are planning to buy any e-cycles … Read more