Kinetic Kool a stylist e-cycle in India with amezing colours

EV e-cycles are also getting more popular daily because there are facilities to use, like a bike and a cycle. You can use it for your local area visiting as well as the fitness assets. Kinetic Kool e-cycle launched with some great features that will make you wonder. If you plan to buy an e-cycle, you may list the Kinetic Cool e-cycle before selecting it. In this article, we will cover full specifications with their weaknesses. Let’s check the report.

Kinetic Kool e-cycle

Various brands and companies have come up with electric cycles in the current market. Kinetic Kool is one of them. It has fantastic features, structure and design, which is why people choose it. However, we will discuss it and criticize its weak points.

Futuristic Features of Kinetic Kool E-Cycle

Battery capacity: In this e-cycle 8ah to 12ah battery is installed. However, the differences will be sown on the various variant of the Kinetic Kool e-cycle. The battery can be easily detached for charging purposes. This kind of facility can be found rarely in other cycles. And the most crucial part is that all the electric and battery section is entirely waterproof.

Charging Time: It requires 5 hours to total charges.

Mileage per charge: this isn’t easy to measure the actual mileage. Because the mileage depends on the rider’s weight, how paddle assists are used, and which kind of is used for testing, we officially announce that it can run around 30 km per charge.

Digital feature

Digital metres has inherited on the handle to measure speed and charging level, which helps estimate the trip. However, these facilities come with all other e-cyles. And it’s essential for proper use in the way.

kinetic kool ecycle has four color variants

Hardware Details

Wheel and Frame: This Kinetic Kool E-cycle is made with an alloy wheel and frame. There is no spoke in tiny sticks. This is the reason it’s counted in the list of premium categories.

Gear Box: It is positioned in the handle of the cycle. And it can be sifted by thums. It gives you a feel like a bike.

Paadel: It has also paddel assist. You can run it on a battery charge or panelling or dual mode. If you use duel mode, the mileage will be increased.

The highlight of its features.

  • Range: 30km* per charge
  • Motor: 250W
  • Wheel size: 26 inches
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion
  • Tyres: High-quality Nylon
  • Headlight: LCD
  • Battery: Removable
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion
  • Wheels: Alloy.

Weak Sides

This e-cyle takes almost 5 hours to charge. Some other e-cyle takes less than it. The digital meter may not connect to the smartphone, whereas Lacto F1 gives you this feature. This type of e-cyle is not usable or less usable in rural areas where the muddy path is the only path.

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