The Odysse Evoqis Electric Motorcycle

The Odysse Evoqis is a new electric motorcycle designed for comfortable riding with cheap maintenance and fuel costs. Even its price is not so high as compared to gasoline. It can be owned for 2 lacks INR. The Evoque boasts a powerful motor that generates 3000 W of power, allowing it to speed up from 0 to 50 km per hour in just 4.2 seconds. It can ride at a speed of 80 km per hour.

The Odysse Evoqis design and color model

The manufacturer has provided an outstanding design in the Evoqis and features full-fairing and clip-on handlebars that give it a tremendous sporty appearance. It also has several convenient features, such as a

  • Twin-pod headlight,
  • fairing-integrated front turn indicators,
  • split-style seats, full-LED lighting,
  • an anti-theft lock, keyless entry,
  • and a music system.
  • The seat length is 750 mm, making it easy for the rider.

The Odysse Evoqis has launched only a single model with five color variants.

The Odysse Evoqis Performance

The section on the performance of this Odysse Evoqis electric bike is quite impressive. And there is a chance to compete with other e-bikes in the market. Have a quick look at the performance and configuration of this amazing e-bike.

Riding range: As per the company’s official announcement, this bike can run about 140 km per charge of provided battery. But it is relative to the condition of the road, riding times, traffic, speed, and the rider’s weight. But in general, you can run about 100 km per full charge in everyday riding.

Top Speed: The top speed of this e-bike is not good compared to others like Revbolt RV and Tork Kartos e-bike. They are providing over 100 km per hour.

Charging Time: The charging time is average in comparison to another e-bike. It takes about 6 hours to charge fully. Whereas another bike also takes 5 to 8 hours.

Weight: The weight of this bike is not tiny. It has 150 Kg weight.


If you research deeply with other e-bikes, then it is an average e-bike. Performance, configurations, and facilities are primarily available in other bikes with the same or lower price.

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