Tata Tigor EV, One of the cheapest electric cars

All over the world, the revolution is becoming on electric vehicles. India is not far behind. The automobile giant Tata has launched many electric cars. One of them is Tata Tigor EV. Not only a good-looking car but also the lowest and most affordable price in the EV market. We are going to cover its specification and features. Also, include the cost of this Tata Product. So, let’s check the entire article related to the Tata Tigor EV.

Tata Tigor EV Specification

Tata Tigor is one of the market’s finest and cheapest electrical vehicles. It has some future despite the weak points.

People are choosing Electric cars for many reasons. Because by using EV, you are saying fossil fuels like diesel and petrol. It means you are avoiding substantial expenditure every day. Not only that, you are saving nature and the environment. Whatever that specification is critical before using a specific car. Let’s see about the Tata Tigor EV.TATA Tigor EV car one of the Indian cheapet electrical vehcil.

Battery information of TATA Tigor

The battery is an integral part of Pure EV. Because it would be useless if it were weak. Every user gives high priority to it.

Battery capacity and runtime: In the Tigor EV, there is an installed 26kw lithium-ion battery. It can ride the car about 306 km per charge. The riding distance is not wrong and will be perfect for mid-range riding.

Charging Time: It required almost 8.5 hours. It’s not good compared to other TATA and Tesla EVs.

other specifications

Top Speed: This EV can run at the maximum speed of 100 miles per hour. If you convert it into km, that will be  160.9. the executor time from zero to 100mph is 12.63 seconds.

Sit: five people can travel in this car.

Safety perimeter: It is another essential thing for any car, whether it may take even gasoline. It has an average safety rating, that is NCAP-Rating 4.

Price: As we have mentioned, this is one of the cheapest cars in the category of EV. And its price is about 12.5 lakhs Inr(Road price). It may slightly increase or decrease according to the difference of state. Because taxes, government subsidies and export prices of different locations depend on the final price.

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Weak Side of TATA Tigers

We have found that it is cheap compared to some other cars. And the most fragile thing is that it takes almost eight and a half hours to charge the battery fully. At the same time, other vehicles need only four to six hours. But on different sides, it is one of the finest looking and affordable cars with good speed and mileage. It can be better if the TATA take steps and modifications.

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