Tork Kratos Speedy and Long Mileage e-Bike

Whenever you think about an e-bike that can give you long mileage and facility with high speed, some of the current 1e-bike will come to your mind, but Tork Kratos will take up extra space just because of its sporty looking. Please note that Tork Motors nearly went to the news a decade ago for making an electric racing bike. But officially, it announced for producing for the public, and they generate funds from various sources. And started making the Kratos e-bike in different variants, announced in 2016. Till then, they were silent but suddenly awake in pandemic times. And now they receive bookings and deliver the product to buyers.

Here, we will discuss its specifications, specialty, and the portion that the competitor stepped forward.

Tork Kratos E-bike specification

We are discussing the combined information of officially announced specification and the user experience here. Step by step, we provide its battery, mileage, and modern technologies used in the e-bike. Tork Kratos e-Bike in India

Battery Information

the battery is one of the most valuable things in the e-bike, and users always prioritize it. Because a poor battery can make an e-bike less functional. In India, there are very few electric motorbikes available.

The Tork Kratos provides a 4000 wat battery, which requires a full charge of probably 4 to 5 hours. Its service is almost equal compared to other bikes like Revolt RV 4000. As you know, the Revolt RV 4000 is also considered one of the best e-bikes in India for its charging time and mileage.

Mileage per charging

Officially and conditionally announces that it will give you the milage about 120 km mileage per full charge of its battery. But in reality, most users say they are getting about 90 to 100 km per charge. Please note that mileage depends on various factors like the rider’s weight, road conditions, the running speed of the bike, and traffic conditions. So, you can say that the Tork Kratos is not behind in battery like other popular e-bikes in India.

Top Speed of Tork Kratos E-bike

If you compare it with the gasoline bike, you will find speed, architecture, and mileage weaknesses. These are the main reason e-bikes are not preferable in India. In this section, the Tork Kratos E-bike his work tremendously. It can run up to 100 km per hour. However, this is sufficient in the Indian road and transportation system.

Price of Tork Kratos

It is India based-e-bike and selling all over the nation. And the price is different in different states just because of the tax system and state Government subsidiary in the electric vehicles. Most of the Stae governments and the Central government of India promote electric cars for the environment. Because it indirectly produces fewer solutions. So, the price is different. It comes from Rs 120 thousand to 140 thousand. So, you can enquire on the official website or the nearest declares.

Pros and cons of Tork Kratos e-bike

As it is an e-bike so runs on battery charges. And it has lots of benefits, and these are below.

  • It means it is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective bike that can save lots of money(Almost you can run on 1/10 spending).
  • If you are using this means, you are aware of the environment.
  • A revolution is coming in electric vehicles, and you are participating in this revolution.
  • The Tork Kratos e-bike is looking like sporty.

Corns and Need Improvement

This time is the early stage of electric vehicles. So, all the features do not come in the present day. Hopefully, it comes with some desired features like-

  • Huge milages per charge over 250 km.
  • Charging time can be reduced by using modern charging technologies and batteries.
  • On the long drive, the Tork Kratos e-bikes became hot. It can be reduced.


If you want to book for yourself or want to get more enquire, then you may check the official website of Tork Motors. to go official website, Click here.

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