Toutche Electric Heileo M100 E-cycle Specifications

Toutche Electric Heileo E-cycle is a highly valued vehicle in its category because it gives you a massive mileage per charge. And also a heavy but looks tiny cycle that gives you good feelings. In this article, the EV Expert will discuss with you the full specifications, structure, using materials, and facilities. We will also tell you the weak side of the Toutche Electric Heileo M100 e-cycle.

Specification of Toutche Electric Heileo M100

The primary things of any electric vehicle are charging capacity, charging Time, and mileage significance, and these come on the list of customer priorities. And the next thing is what technology and material are used to make it more valuable, and heaviness is also considered before buying. So, here, we are going to provide information on these.

Used battery information of Heileo M100

The Toutche Electric Heileo M100 E-cycle’s battery section uses a Lithium-ion battery that Panasonic manufactures. Panasonic is a Japanese company famous for rechargeable lithium-ion battery manufacture. However, we are discussing the battery information of the Heilo M100 E-cycle.

Battery Type: Lithium-ion rechargeable and detachable.

Charging Capacity: 36 volt/11.6 Am battery provided in this E-cycle.

Mileage per charge: It’s incredible. It can be ridden up to 75 kilometers per change. But there are some conditions to get it.

Charging Time: This vehicle has done a great job in this aspect. It takes only 3 hours to charge the battery fully. At the same time, other companies require 4 to 8 hours.

Motors specification of Heileo M100 E-cycle

Not only battery is essential in electric vehicles. Relatively, the motor is also necessary, and over, all result depends on the combined performance. In this e-cycle, the following engine has been included.

Motor: Rear | BLDC Hub Motor

Motor Specification:  DC 36V | 250W

Max speed: This cycle can be sped up to about 25km per hour.

Levels of power assist:  There are 5 Levels in the e-cycle.

Tyers and Breaks

In the wheel section, the Toutche Electric Heileo M100 E-cycle uses quality materials and is designed in standard size. You can look at the below.

  • Tire: Jiluer
  • Size of There:27″ x 1.95″
  • Wheel size:  600MM
  • Wheel type: Double Walled Alloy
  • Front brake:  Mechanical disc brake has been used.
  • Rear brake:  In this cycle, a Mechanical disc brake has used.

Other important information

n this e-cycle led display has fixed for looking the speed and charging conditions. Please note the mileage per charge depends on the use of riding and road conditions, speed, and weight of the rider. This E-cycle can be ridden on only electric, paddle, or combo modes. And it makes a difference in the mileage per charge.

Check details

Warranty of Battery and frame

The manufacturer has given an excellent warranty period which can provide relief when buying. Because it gives you 800 charges or 18 month battery warrant, the condition is only one parameter will be applied, which is come first.

Running Cost

It would be best if you were wondering why these vehicles’ running costs are meager. And the rate is less than half rupees per kilometer on fuels. We have calculated only the price of charging and mileage. It would also be different because the speed of electricity per unit varies on the regions, companies, and electricity connection types. So, the price calculation is relative and does not apply to each buyer.

Price of Heileo M100

The Heiler Toutche e-cycle manufacturing company has launched various models of the Heileo series, and all of them have different prices according to the quality and demands. The Heileo M100 e-cycle price is also different according to the differences between the states because Government is promoting electric vehicles to decrease pollution. And another form of giving various subsidies to the users. Its road price is nearly fifty thousand INR. Slight differences can be found.

Can be improved

This cycle looks tiny and can be improved by using a reasonable-looking frame and color. Please note it seems slim but not soft or weaker. Toutche Electric Heileo M100 E-cycle is a heavy electrical vehicle.

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